This is it! This is why we do what we do. We list a house to sell, now its time to get it on the market and get that commission right?

Storm-Mountain-real-estate-aerial-photography-9That is the common thought far to often forgotten are the small things that you can do to take a normal listing, into a listing that helps you sell. Catching the great details of architectural photography highlighting not only how big the area is, but also how beautiful the home is in that setting. You have to think about the house as a work of art, its the work of art that some is going to want to paint. Highlighting the right cabinets, or right layout of the living room and its amenities. You want to capture the natural beauty of the home as much as the area surrounding the room, views, windows, even as far as the arches and how they relate to a room.

Still think you can just send anyone with a camera out to take pictures? Are you willing to bet your commission on it? The easiest thing to do is to explore your Storm-Mountain-real-estate-aerial-photography-39options. Just because someone is cheaper or they have great photo’s, how are they to work with? Are they personable? These photographers are going to be potentially working with your or your clients, how good do you feel about sending them there? The person working with your clients is also a representative of you and a reflection of how you do business. If you don’t think that matters then you are gravely mistaken. If you send a photographer to your clients house to either shoot with them there or to shoot when they are not, you should trust that they will take as much care as you do with your clients so you don’t end up losing a potential client by bad service.

At Real Estate Photography CO we are Northern Colorado‘s premier photographers with several years of experience in not only photography, but also in customer service. We pride ourselves on being both professional and efficient. We want to provide you with the level of professionalism that makes you stand out to your clients. We specialize in residential, commercial, aerial and architectural photography. Call us at 720-209-3130 or contact us today to schedule your listing with the best photography service in town. Want to see our work? Visit our online gallery of professional images.