I Do My Own Real Estate Photography Pictures

Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard this line before. The painful truth is that is happening all to often. In an industry that grows as fast as it slows, real estate agents want to take their own pictures of the homes they are selling just in case, they get replaced or the seller/buyer has decided to use someone else. Unfortunately this happens all the time, so why wouldn’t they run from real estate photographers?

Real Estate agents are tasked with taking a property, marketing, planning, negotiating and 50 other things for every property they are listing. There are constantly things going on behind the scenes when they are tasked with making the property sell, or getting the best price for their clients. As an agent for your client it is your responsibility to make sure that you give your clients property the best appearance you can in the most affordable climate. That means pictures too! You don’t have to run from photographers, we want you to succeed as bad as you do, it means more clients for us! We have worked with several agents in Northern Colorado over the last couple years, we try our best to provide them with fast and quality work so that they get the best bargain and the best photo’s for their listings. Even though we are getting beat up on our prices constantly, we continue to give our best every time! We want to keep your business and continue the success of being part of your clients success.

In the Real Estate industry real estate photographers are working for a minimal fee and providing a value service to agents at a bargain price. We know how much our agents are making on home sales. We still work for pennies on the dollar. Do us a favor the next time you get that home sale check, remember that we are here to help. Taking your own pictures are never the way to go. Our photographers are courteous, professional and work quickly to get you what you need! Let a professional represent your ability to provide the best service when it comes to listing or buying their net property. Let Colorado Real Estate photography help you, get that next listing sold. Call us today 720-209-3130