Today’s market is a sellers market especially in Northern Colorado areas like Ft. Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Windsor, Johnstown & Berthoud. With the growth in the area the demand is greater than ever.

Colorado Real Estate Photography

2086-Vancorum-96With that in mind, you have to put yourself in the buyers shoes. If you were looking for a house what would you do? Would you drive around looking for “For Sale” signs? Now days we want everything and we want it now. Why would you drive across town or event to another town to look for signs? The answer is you wouldn’t.You would look on Real Estate websites to look for homes in your price range and ones that you can get the best most accurate information. That is why you cant just take pictures on your Iphone and add those to the listing. Professional photography for your property is what is needed. Now we say professional because just snapping a few photo’s could save you $100, but in the long run it will cost you. If you don’t take the time to make your listing stand out, then buyers wont take the time to look at your listing. Everyone needs something to make them stand out. What are you doing for your listings that makes your listing stand out more than your competitors?


Northern Colorado Real Estate Photography Services

Real Estate Photography CO specializes in Full HDR®, with NO RUSH FEE’s! We can set up your property listing, and have the photo’s back to you in 24-48 wild-plum-loveland-real-estate-photography-19hours for no extra charge. Our convenient scheduling process can get you scheduled today! Call 720-209-3130

Aerial Real Estate Photo & Video

We are a “Licensed aerial photography and video service. New FAA regulations require that any drones used for commercial purposing meaning “anything that can generate profit or revenue) requires that the Pilot in Command of the drone be certified by the FAA for drone flight. That means you cant hire your next door neighbors kid to come and fly your property “legally”. Let our team provide you with HD quality video for your listing at an affordable price. You can view our video work at: Colorado Real Estate Photography