These days there are hundreds of photographers out there ready to work for Northern Colorado Real Estate Agents! There are so many, how do you choose? I asked local real estate agents what they look for when they are choosing a photographer.  They all had the same answer at some point in every conversation.

real-estate-residential-photography-21I need a photographer who can get my pictures done as fast as possible and as affordable as possible. We couldn’t agree with you more. We work with several local real estate agents on doing photography and aerial photography. When we work with agents, they are not customers to us. They are clients. We plan to work with our agents all the time, not just once.

When you are a real estate agent selling a house, until you sell the house you don’t make a dollar. Everything that gets done to a house like real estate photography, aerial photography all come out of your pocket. That’s all before the house is even listed. Then you have to list the house, create the MLS listing, pricing information and field countless calls and showing on the house before you ever see a penny. Just like you work with your real estate clients on finding them a home in their budget and to suit their needs, it about time someone does it for you!

Colorado Real Estate Photography knows what it takes to get a home listed and we are here to help. No payments and no fee’s until 60 days or when the house closes, whichever comes first! That’s right, that is no joke! We want to give you every opportunity to get the home listed and sold before you have to pay. Why spend your money out of your own pocket now when you can pay later after you have had a chance to sell the home potentially saving you thousands if you have several listings!