At Colorado Real Estate photography we believe in what we do. We provide our clients with breath taking photography and video they can use to take their business to a level others aren’t. It todays age the one thing that stays consistent is that you have to be on top of your game by doing what your competition isn’t doing. Using our service, we can provide you with images and video you just cant get without hiring a pilot or a helicopter which can set you back thousands!. Not to knock it, when its needed those services are without a doubt spectacular. With the technology today, we are able to provide you with stunning high resolution 4k video and high resolution photography at a fraction of the cost.Not only that, but we also provide you with affordable interior and exterior photography for your house also! We are truly your one stop shop!

What set’s us apart?

I thought you would never ask! These days anyone can go out and buy a drone. Does that make them a professional? The answer is simple, No! There is an art to getting beautiful breath taking photo’s & video. Just like if you went out and bought a video camera, does that make you a movie maker or a cinematographer? It works great if you don’t really care, but I’ve never met a successful business owner that didn’t care about their business. We care about your business too, that is why we take pride in our service, so that we can provide you the same quality you want to represent your business and brand.

About Colorado Aerial

We have been flying RC aerial vehicles for over 7 years and have been trained by the best in the business. Currently waiting on a pending section 333 exemption we hope to be fully certified by the end of the summer. That doesn’t mean we can’t fly, just that there are certain areas that are restricted. We have been trained in several aspects of piloting not limiting us to just flying drones for the sake of being airborne. We have been trained in Cinematography, videography, several different forms of photography, from commercial real estate to shooting scenic mountain ranges. We love what we do and that makes every job fun! Honestly, we love to do our job, so its not work, its pride. #passionwithoutlimits